Recurring Home Cleaning Services Price Start from $70 to $180
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Recurring Basic Cleaning Include:
Price Start from $120 to $240 (or more) Depending on the condition/size/extra services the client might requiest.

The price for the first time will always cost more, because you are not obligated to continue services. If after your first visit you still want to have recurring service, the cost will change depending on if you want weekly/biweekly/monthly services.
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  • Kitchen

    Wipe down the counters top
    Wipe down outside of the applicances
    Wipe down the sink
    Wipe down inside and outside the microwave
    Wipe down the table(s)
    Dust accessible baseboards *No wipe down*
    Sweep the floors
    Mop the floors

  • Bathrooms:

    Wipe down the shower
    Wipe down the bathtub
    Wipe donw the toilet
    Wipe down the sink
    Dust accessible baseboards *No wipe down*
    Wipe down the counters top
    Sweep the floors
    Mop the floors

    (Extra charge for scrubbing and detail cleaning)

  • Bedrooms/Living areas:

    Dust all the furniture
    Dust accessible baseboards
    Dust the windows sills
    Vacuum the floors or mop the floors

    *making beds is extra additonal charge*

  • EXTRA SERVICE ( Extra Charge )

    Windows Inside
    Wipe down blinds or shutters
    Oven cleaning
    Refrigerator Inside (not including the freezer)
    Make beds & change lines if provide for us
    Wipe down baseboards
    Clean windows frames
    Wash & dry laundry
    Folding/hanging laundry
    Wash dishes
    Ceiling fans
    Removing heavy grease
    Removing soap scum
    Removing hardwater
    Removing paint

    Not acceptable within the services

    Car wash
    Move furniture
    Yard work
    Windows outside
    Removing foot ware
    Clean outside
    Unavailabe to use customer carpet machines or other unknown machines.


    Changing appointments without a 48 hour notice; $55 fee
    Rescheduling/cancellation on the same day service; $25 per cleaner assigned with a minium charge of $55
    Rescheduling/cancellation with a 1 hour notice or less; $25 per hour/per cleaner (with a minium charge of $55) depending on if adviced when they have already arrived or adviced after they had already been waiting for the customer.
    Cancellation of a weekly service; a) for single visit within the month: $0.00. b) for two visits within the month; you will be charged for the next 2/3 visits within the month as a biweekly service. c) for having only 1 visit within the month; you will be charged for that single visit as a monthly service.
    Cancellation of a biweekly service; a) for a single visit within the month; you will be charged as a monthly service for the following visit. b) cancelation of both visits within the month; you will be charged as a monthly service plus a additional fee of $20.
    Cancellation of a monthly service; a) for skipping a month you will have a surcharge of $30 on your following visit.

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Areas we serve
Stockton and certain but not all areas surrounding stockton. Please check with us by phone if we are able to provide you services in your area.