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,,Andrew Sanchez

I contacted Ana for a deep cleaning a week ago, the process was easy and quick. Ana sendd her team and they basically transformed the place. From baseboards to ceiling , every single spot was shining!! They even organized a litle bit which made it look even better!



,,Carol Anderson

Kelly and her team were fantastic! They were thorough and very time efficient. We will definitely be using them again!

They made sure we were completery satisfied with the job they did, and didn't leave a spot un-cleaned.

Great service


,,Marcela Holmes

We just move unto a newly constructed home that had a layer of dust on everything. I called around different companies and received three quotes, but the price was very reasonable and their reviews seemed conssistenthly high relative to the other companies.

She send two housecleaners and they arrived right on time. The husband and his wife team were very sweet, easy to communicate with, detail oriented, and spend their time doing a very thorough job.


,,Gabriel Hanson

They are wonderful!!! They deep cleaned our place a few weeks ago and they did a such a thorough job-a relief after superficial service from other companies in the past. Definitely calling them again!!


,,Pamela Patterson

They made my home so clean that I don't even think it looked like this clean when I first moved in! Thank you Maria and your crew. It's the best money I have invested so far. Would definitely ask them to come back.

from: Sercle



,,Eugene Kelly

First of all, they were priced SO much fairly than any of the other places I called to get a quote. Second, they had an availability the NEXT day! Third, the person arrived promply and was extremely kind and warm-hearted. I was concerned we may have an overwhelming amount of cleaning but the team proved me wrong. They eliminated all of the mold in the bathrom and left it spotlesss! They finished the job with haste and vigor and were extremely polite on the way out. Extremely well done and I ABSULUTERY recommend this home cleaning service to everyone.

from: Sercle app


,,Philips. Lathrop

Superb job all around by Arila and ?? This was my first time using Serrano and there will certainly be a next time. I would love to have the same crew next time.



Just had my carpet cleaned and it looks AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


,,Phil P.

Superb job all around by Arila and ?? This was my first time using Serrano and there will certainly be a next time. I would love to have the same crew next time.



Great job C: !!!



Thank you for your good service, Always a very good job.



Serranos cleaners are awesome.  They are reliable and do a great job.  Anytime I had extra requests they always tried to accommodate me.  I really appreciate their flexibility and dependability.


,,M M.

Maira and Alindra outstanding!  I thought my tile needed to be professional cleaned....no...it needed Serranos!!! You can't beat a clean home with polite people to support you!!! I'm about to be a REGULAR! I stink at cleaning and it was confirmed after I saw their work!


,,Mike N.

Great experience with Serrano, they were on time and did an excellent job. Would use them again.



Candy 4 stars

I called and a lady helped answer all my questions over the phone. 

These ladies work hard at cleaning my 2000 sq ft home. I purchased the 4 hours deep cleaning package.  They did not get through everything on the list but my bathrooms and kitchen look good. 

I did knock off a start because they showed up an hour later but the office manager called me advance to notify me that they were running behind.  

Overall for the price and service, I would call them again.

Thanks Serrano's Cleaning Services!


,,Lisa L.

They do a wonderful job and are attentive to every little thing.  The first time they came (for the deep cleaning) there were several of them and they spent hours.  I was amazed when I saw how they cleaned everything, including my china cabinet, all the little pieces that needed dusting, all was spotless.  I am totally pleased and would recommend.  

They come between 11 and two, we had set up 11 but they are often a few hours later.   I don't think of it as late, I think of it as they are very busy and I am sure don't know how long each job will take.  If I had an issue with it I would talk to them but the time they come is not important to me.  I only mention this because another reviewer said they were late several times, to me, 11 is an estimate, not a set time.  

They are extremely sweet and always make the extra effort to make sure it looks amazing.  
I highly recommend them.


,,Tamara P. Stockton Ca,


I am a busy working mother with twins.  I was overwhelmed with keeping up with my house cleaning every weekend.  It was taking a lot of time away from my children.  I work during the week and definitely live for the weekends.  I decided to hire a housekeeper to take the burden off my shoulders.  I found Serrano's Cleaning Services on Craigslist.  I researched the internet and saw they had excellent reviews.  My husband was reluctant t to spend any extra money on expenses such as hiring a housekeeper, but I told him this will give us more family time and a happy wife means a happy household.  Plus, their prices are VERY reasonable and not overly priced like Molly Maid.  Yesterday was their first cleaning at my house. When I came home from work I was excited to see how my house would look.  I walked in and already smelled a clean house (I have 3 cats and 2 large dogs, therefore a clean smell is DEFINITELY nice to come home to).  The bathrooms were absolutely spotless.  They even cleaned around the base of the toilet, which a lot of people skip. The glass shower doors had zero residue on them.  The sinks shined like they've never shined before.  The granite kitchen countertops no longer had that haze on them.  Our stainless steel appliances no longer had fingerprints or streaks.  I couldn't believe how clean the glass cooktop was!  They must have a top notch vacuum because their vacuum fluffed up our carpet which felt so good on our bare feet.  When my husband arrived he was skeptical at first, until he walked in the house and saw how clean it was.  He gave me a big hug and told me he is totally on board now with having a housekeeper!  I don't even clean as good as them, and I'm picky clean!  Thank you so much for the excellent service.  I look forward to many days of coming home to pure bliss.


nnLinda T. Stockton Ca,

This is the best cleaning service I have ever had!  They were right on time and my house looks like new.  They were very nice and very hard workers.  I would refer them to every one


mmCindy P. Stockton Ca,


I have been using Serrano's for nearly two years and they do an amazing job! I was one of those people who was a little nervous about having my house cleaned by new people, but I am so thankful I found Serrano's! They are very professional, they leave your house sparkling clean, they are very trustworthy, they even add their own little touches here and there which I love. We are busy people and thanks to Serrano's my house is neat and clean at an affordable price. Since we hired them we have a lot more time to spend with our family, entertain friends, and enjoy life.


Liz D Yelp


I recently had Serrano's clean the house I moved out of. This was a large home and needed to be cleaned from top to bottom including shampooing of the carpets. On two separate occasions Mr. Serrano came out of the house and located me at a neighbor's house to hand me a $100 bill I had mistakenly left in a high cupboard. I had no idea the money was there and therefore would not have missed it. I was thrilled with the outcome.  I would definitely recommend them.



mmRussell C. Stockton ca

I have been using Serrano's cleaning service for many months and I have to say that this company is the best I have ever used.  I'm 64 and disabled so I have employed many companies but I am SOLD on Serrano's.  They are punctual and are dressed professionally.  They get right to work and complete their jobs rapidly.  They are friendly and cheerful.  I HIGHLY recommend this company for house cleaning services!!!




revie Lodi ca

Nice family operation! These guys are friendly and not afraid to work. House was empty but we wanted a good cleaning and carpet shampoo before moving in. They started our house about 5:30pm as it was just getting dark. They finished about 8:45pm well into the night. 
I think the carpets look great and the rest of the house looks and smells very nice also. If you are looking for good service at an affordable price these guys are for you.


mmDeniss Lodi Ca

Thanks! You ladies do a fabulous job!.


I am very impressed with Serrano's House Cleaning service.  I have used them for a few months now and I have to say they do a fabulous job.  I even utilized their carpet cleaning services and it was very affordable and they did a great job with carpet cleaning too. I highly recommend Serrano's House Cleaning Services.  

Thanks for the great service!


nnTamara Stockton Ca

Hi there! Thank you for the wonderful cleaning you did at my parents' house.


llDavid S, Stockton Ca

We recently utilized your services to clean our offices.  I wanted to thank you for doing an outstanding job.  The 3 people that cleaned our facility were very thorough, and worked very fast.  From the tops of every surface, no matter how high, to the smallest of crevices between desks, they took care of everything.  I appreciate the job and will refer you with confidence whenever possible.

Thanks for the great job!


xxDonna S. Stockton Ca

Whole house cleaning with emphasis on the 3 bathrooms and the kitchen and all windows washed including the second story windows

They arrived on time with a group of 4, one started on the kitchen with the oven, 2 were upstairs cleaning bathrooms and one was on the roof cleaning the windows. They did a good job and I am going to use them monthly.


ccDeborah B.

I called this service the day before and got their name off of Angie's list.  They called me back and the woman spoke English well.  I told her I needed a totally gruesome bathroom and kitchen cleaned from top to bottom, it would take them about 3-4 hours, and could they take away trash too.
They came on time, the man spoke great English and the woman was a really hard worker (BOTH were).  They got right to work and did EXACTLY what we had agreed upon and took away two large bags of trash.  Both the bathroom and the kitchen are now spotless and next time I am back in Stockton, I will have them clean the rest of the small house.  
I trusted them so as to go to Goodwill with my husband for a couple of trips.  I never had any worry about anything being missing from the house as the vibe they gave me was hardworking and honest - just great people.
Really a great little company and I hope they do well in 2013.

They were wonderful, showed up on time, worked very hard, took away my garbage and cost what they said they would cost.
You have to understand that I do not know these people of Stockton even very well.  I depended upon Angie's list to steer me the right way and thank goodness it worked out.



reveQuality work; affordable price... something that is hard to find these days.  I have a small 1 bedroom house, about 1100sf and it costs me $65 per week.  Two guys come and whip it out in about an hour an a half; it's the same guys each week (one is the owner I believe).

My house looks really clean.  My dark wood floors look the best they've ever looked with any cleaning service I've ever used!



mmEugene R. Manteca Ca

Used them for a rental move out clean up. Came the same day I called,super fast service. Outstanding quality of work. Will definitely use them again.


ddStockton ca

Used them for a rental move out clean up. Came the same day I called,super fast service. Outstanding quality of work. Will definitely use them again.


xxChristine A.

Terrific job! A team was brought in and in just one day did a complete move-in/move-out cleaning job after a very dirty tenant left the place a disaster.  They cleaned inside all kitchen and bath cabinets and drawers and installed new liners. They cleaned two bathrooms complete, and washed all windows inside and out. They hauled away several large garbage containers of trash/debris as well as dirt and rocks left behind by the tenant.
They cleaned out and swept out the garage. Also, they did a fair amount of wall-washing in preparation of our re-paint touch up.

I provided them with a complete and detailed list of exactly what I wanted cleaned and hauled and they gave me an estimate.  I approved the estimate and they began work immediately. Upon completion I paid cash and we signed an invoice (which I created for documentation) that itemized the details of the work completed and payment made.
I hired them again for additional work in another one of my vacant rentals.  I would call them again any time I have a vacancy and need a tenant move-in/move-out clean up.


 nnStockton Ca

Called Serrano's on a Sunday for same day service garage cleanup. Appt. was scheduled for 2:30 pm. A crew of 3 showed up promptly and has the job done in under 45 minutes! They did a great job and I will certainly use there services again.


 ,,Stockton Ca

Yo estoy muy contenta con su trabajo mi alfombra kedo muy bien.  Y la casa no crei k k quedara asi. Me gusta como trabajan con muy detallistas. Los recomiendo 100%.


mmStockton ca

They clean my house every two weeks. when I get home from work my house is very clean.they clean my carpet every 5 months for FREE Thanks guys great job.


mmThank you again for all your hard work. Linde Ca


mmThe house look GRATE. Stockton ca


nnVery hard working cleaners. Stockton ca


nnStockton Ca

Thank you so much for the fantastic cleaning job.  It looks phenomenal!

Take care,






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