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Its difficult living alone, or having low interaction with others that sometimes causes people to storage items, trash, or a compulsive feeling of buying items and never using or opening packages.

We believe that when a person is ready for a change, it still causes the feeling of hesitation in getting rid of items, even though you know its needed and nessessary.

Many families, or social workers hire us to provide a quote for individuals who can't reach out on their own. Because they don't know that its time for a change.

When hiring us we provide Trash removal (helps to make sure after the cleaning and items that need to be thrown away can be done with the same company, Carpet cleaning (helps for when customers have pets, and they cause majority of bad smell of carpet), Pressure washing (a additonal service we provide but not always needed unless they are in search to sell the home), Organization (generally speacking we do not provide organization in our flat rate cleanings unless its for homes that have hoarding, and one of the biggest reasons why hoarder homes are expensive, because its a time consuming of what will or not be thrown out and sometimes customers make it hard for us to really help them as it'll be extreamly hard for them to thrown out items that are not a necessary need for them).

When we provide services that includes trash removal, house cleaning, and of course limited organization all based on customers needs.

There are certain qualifications to meet a discount to a hoarder cleaning, but you can always contact us directly for a estimate in person.

All of our services we take photos/videos of before and after. If the customer decides no photos we provide customers with a verification form to not record. Else we use it, to show our work and share awareness of our experiance.

Cleaning Process

We use videos for training, for awareness, and for customers who like to see our experiance over time and so on.


Sometimes reviews, and commentaries doesn't really show exactly what experiance we have. So we love to show our customers that we are ready for them if they need us. And if there are worse senarios of cleaning, we are always open minded.


We appreciate our team, and anyone who comes and goes within our business. Our team when they work together and think about the value of the cleaning we do within our services our customers end with a good outcome for their living state.

Our family business have been going strong since 2000 and with all our team members we have we have met so many customers, and team members that end up surprised and love the after effect of cleaning.


Serrano's Cleaning Services

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