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Let us do the dirty work. We clean top to bottom.. Get 10% Off

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Let us clean for you! Top to Bottom ...10% Off


Security keys with master lock.You don't have to stay at your property.

Move in and out Basic or Deep clean.
Save your time call now and get 10% OFF.

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We make a greater impact on your Home,Office or Business.
"Let us clean for you!".

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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Serrano's Cleaning Services Residential & Commercial
Serran's Cleaning Services Home - Office - Business Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services

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LINDA Stockton ,,

11/17/14 This is the best cleaning service I have ever had!  They were right on time and my house looks like new.  They were very nice and very hard workers.  I would refer them to every one...



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House Cleaning Services Stockton Ca

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Home House Cleaning service local business

First Time or One Time Deep Cleaning.

First Time Deep Cleaning House Cleaning  Stockton ca

Move outs Deep Cleaning.


Housekeeping, is for young, and elders. Young people, now a day's preparing for test or up coming events. Young people will feel more motivated to work at home, and get things ready for college. If they come home after a long day studying, and they have to come home to clean after words. Then that would be difficult, and frustrating for them. Lets not forget hardworking fathers, and mothers who need help as well. Everyone benefits from one or regular service in housekeeping.

Daily, Weekly, Once every 2 weeks, Once a Month.
Serving Stockton, Manteca, Lodi, Linden,Lathrop, Modesto, Escalon, Tracy...
All Cleaning Supplies Provide, We also are happy to use your products.

Clients who have never had a first time deep cleaning, before getting recurring services will be charged more on their first visit within their recurring services.

Serrano's are ready to clean your home,If you're having a hard time fitting household chores into your busy schedule, Call (209) 910-3627 to make a walkthrough to give you a free Quote.



In Serrano's Cleaning Services we faithfully improve your quality of life and for that, we always pay a wide range of services customized to meet your needs. We try our best to give you as many options as we can, to be able to get the chance to show you our services.

One of the star features that our customers demand more regularly include our cleaning services for its functionality and its overall necessity in any home. Many people are unaware of the benefits they can get when hiring the support of housekeeping. Why hire a cleaning service? Use every moment you use of your cleaning time, and regain happiness with better moments in life. Get rid of household chores daily, and discover more time with family, friends, or maybe hobbies you wanted to do more of, but couldn't! You can set a monthly of either once a month, every two months, or every three months just to give you a day off. When coming home after a long day of work, your home will smell good and if unexpected guest arrive you will not be worried about it one bit.


The opportunity cost

Let me ask you a simple question, what would be the opportunity cost of cleaning your home? Give us the time you spend on your home, and we'll give you the free time you need. Stop losing interest in your family, friends, or your school work. Let us do the work! We will give you a flexable reasonable price for the time you take and give it to a team to complete. Wouldn't hurt to check out the prices, or any packages that might be available to you in your area. Don't hesitate to give us a call or email us with questions!



Call housekeeping, that is, that the more you keep your home neat, less effort and less motivation needed to give an overview.  When having difficulty to find paper, or an object will no longer become a challenge for you, while having housekeeping.

What's better than after arriving home from work to rest? Than to come home, and clean after a long day of work, or a long day out. Having housekeeping, it will let you relax and enjoy the day.

Who is housekeeping for?

Housekeeping, is for the young, and elders. Young people, now a day's preparing for test or up coming events. Young people will feel more motivated to work at home, and get things ready for college. If they come home after a long day studying, and they have to come home to clean afterwards. Then that would be difficult, and frustrating for them. Lets not forget hardworking fathers, and mothers who need help as well. Everyone benefits from a one time or ongoing cleaning. 


Tamara Stockton Serranos cleaning reviews

"I am a busy working mother with twins.  I was overwhelmed with keeping up with my house cleaning every weekend.  It was taking a lot of time away from my children.  I work during the week and definitely live for the weekends.  I decided to hire a housekeeper to take the burden off my shoulders.  I found Serrano's Cleaning Services on Craigslist.  I researched the internet and saw they had excellent reviews.  My husband was reluctant t to spend any extra money on expenses such as hiring a housekeeper, but I told him this will give us more family time and a happy wife means a happy household.  Plus, their prices are VERY reasonable and not overly priced like Molly Maid.  Yesterday was their first cleaning at my house. When I came home from work I was excited to see how my house would look.  I walked in and already smelled a clean house (I have 3 cats and 2 large dogs, therefore a clean smell is DEFINITELY nice to come home to).  The bathrooms were absolutely spotless.  They even cleaned around the base of the toilet, which a lot of people skip. The glass shower doors had zero residue on them.  The sinks shined like they've never shined before.  The granite kitchen countertops no longer had that haze on them.  Our stainless steel appliances no longer had fingerprints or streaks.  I couldn't believe how clean the glass cooktop was!  They must have a top notch vacuum because their vacuum fluffed up our carpet which felt so good on our bare feet.  When my husband arrived he was skeptical at first, until he walked in the house and saw how clean it was.  He gave me a big hug and told me he is totally on board now with having a housekeeper!  I don't even clean as good as them, and I'm picky clean!  Thank you so much for the excellent service.  I look forward to many days of coming home to pure bliss."






Are You Moving!!

Let us make your moving easy!

Serrano's are ready to make your moving easy, Our cleaning crews can make sure that your new home or the one you're leaving looks spotless and sparkling with our move in and move out cleaning services.

Serrano's C;eaning services Exelents Reviews Serving Stockton and Surrounding Areas


Hello, my name is Rafael Serrano and me and my lovely wife Carolina Serrano have created and managed to keep this company going since 2000. We are very proud of our services, and what this company has accomplished. This was all achieved because of our wonderful clients who we are so very grateful to of had chosen us to clean their property. As me and my wife have worked together cleaning homes, and offices since we were young, and now we have many clients and our trustful crew members along our side. We would love to show you, how we are different from other cleaning services. Thank you for even concidering us to clean your home.


(209) 910-3627

GET 10%OFF on First Time Full Clean.

Birthday, anniversary coming up? And let's not forget Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and do not forget the day of the father, many of us forget our parents. Give someone you love a 'real' day off! That could take a few days. We offer cleaning and organizing help. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors. Let us know what you would like us to complete, and we'll send you the best options we have for your home.

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Reviews Serrano's Cleaning services

Reviews Serranos Cleaning Stockton Ca

We are serving Stockton Ca and some surrounding cities.

The best cleaning services in San Joaquin area ! When your environment is important to you, call Serrano's Cleaning Services. Family Business Since 2000

Fully Insured ~~

We make your home and business shine! Contact us today to schedule a cleaning service in your home in Stockton and/or surrounding areas in stockton. Free Estimates online or by phone (209) 910-3627. To know more or if you have any questions or concerns about our services or website go to our freaquantly asked questions and know more. Or maybe if you would like to speck with someone in regards to your questions you can always email, text or call us at 209-910-3627.

Please keep in mind this is our Business, not just a away to make some quick money. Our reputation is at stake with each job we take. We offer quality work, many people offering cleaning service for $10/$20 an hour don't last longer than a few times because they can't handle the overhead required to keep a good business running smoothly. We pay taxes and insurance fees, to be able to offer you the best and to be the best in our community. We have over 15 years of cleaning experiance, and we won't be wanting to fail at our services as it is for a independent cleaner.


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Why Serrano's

  • We are the best in your area.
  • We are local Business
  • We are Full Insured
  • We are Licensed
  • We are not a Franchisse


Residential Services
  • House cleaning ( weekly, Biweekly,Monthy, One time, Movein and out's, One time clean, Special clean for family or friends)
  1. Windows ( in and outside )( outside only the first floor)
  2. Blinds
  3. Carpet ( shampoo or extraction )
  4. Move In or Out deep cleaning Include ( home .office or business)
  5. One Time Clean ( any time)
  6. Before and After party or event
  • Office Cleaning ( daily, 2 x week, 3 x week, once a week, biweekly, monthly, one time deep cleaning)
  • Floor care wax ,strip, buff.
  • Carpet Cleaning ( shampoo and extracction )
  • Windows Cleaning (Outside only the first floor)
Our Vision: To perform for our customers the highest level of quality cleaning services at fair prices according to the condion of each property Contact Us

English: 209.910.3627
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P.O Box 66060 Stockton, Ca, 95206.