Phone Name Date Cost Details Address
209-***-3809 Amanda Orrik 9-17-15 $***** No pay **** ********* Stockton Ca

Hampton Square Apartments WinnCompanies

Patric Brown
Sary Chan
Pedro Mendez

1-15 $****** Pay after 5 months 819 E, Hammer Lane, Stockton Ca 95207
510-***-9911 Nailah M, Waker 11-24-15 $120.00 Bad Check 44** Piss**** Dr Stockton Ca 95206
209-968-5391 Robin Carruesco 06-16-2016   After one month she report unautorized payment card. 10177 Tony Court, Stockton, CA 95209, United States



Often these people will take advantage of one business, and eventually when that business gives them the boot they will go on to another business and do the same thing to that business...until that business finally figures them out!

Hopefully as a business owner you will find out ahead of time who these people are and not do business with them. Remember as a business owner you have a right to refuse service to anyone, so we encourage you to do your research and make the decision NOT do do business with the RIP OFF CUSTOMERS!! get from




List :)