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Master bathrooms
Regular bathrooms
Half bathrooms
Family room
Dining rooms
Wash/dry laundry
Windows inside
Wooden blinds
White thin blinds

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Notes we need to know:

Price change

The price could change if the home is not fair or average. The price can also change if the size of your areas are large or dobble the size. If you included 1 living room, yet on the day of the cleaning there is a open space of 1 dining/family room seprated from the kitchen this could cause the price to change.

Arrival time

Must be present at the begining and the end of the service. You can leave during the process, but make sure to not go too far or else there will be additonal fee's if the crew has to wait longer than 15 minites for your arrival time. We will call you 30 minites before we finish to get you a advance notice. If you will not be able to arrive you must compelte the payment before the crew finishes.